There are still many patients who question the need to see a prosthodontist.  Prosthodontics is one of the recognized special fields of dentistry that generally deals with missing or damaged teeth replacement.  Severe cases should only be handled by a prosthodontist so that you or your loved ones are offered the best treatment plan.

A prosthodontist can also help you learn more about the different treatment options available today and walk you through the pros and cons of each.  By becoming well educated about the expertise that a prosthodontist can offer, you avoid the confusion and possibly achieve the best course of action for your dental problems.   

Why a Prosthodontist

Some of the treatments that a prosthodontist may offer can be available through a general dentist.  However, here are some reasons why you should see a prosthodontist for your special dental needs

  • Benefit from Exclusive Expertise

The treatment plans or options available for severe cases of missing or broken teeth restoration can only be performed by a prosthodontist.  General dentists can only handle simple bridge or denture procedures.  Usually, a general dentist will refer you and team up with a prosthodontist so you obtain the best treatment plan.

  • Expertise Due to Education and Training 

The knowledge and expertise of a prosthodontist goes beyond that of a general dentist due to continued education and training.  A prosthodontist have to pass both the four-year general dentistry and the three-year prosthodontic education or training.

  • Keep Up With The Trends

Prosthodontics continually evolves as missing teeth treatment or solutions are improved by technology.  With this, dental patients can be assured that a prosthodontist is abreast with the current trends.  Dental implants for instance, can be performed using the teeth-in-a-day procedure that replaces traditional procedures that would usually last for a few months.

How a Prosthodontist Can Help You

There are many ways that a prosthodontist can help you with your dental problems.  Here are a few of them

  • Dental implants: While wearing dentures is one of the solutions for missing teeth, there are common problems related to wearing them.  Poor fit, facial muscles strain and discomfort can be among these.  As an alternative, you can consult with a prosthodontist for a more stable or permanent denture or bridge with dental implants.
  • Post Oral Cancer Treatment – Cancer treatment such as radiation can result to the decay and discoloration.  A prosthodontist can repair or reconstruct damaged teeth and recommend the best oral care
  • Crowns, veneers and whiteningThere can be other dental problems that a prosthodontist can help you with.  Simply browse through our web pages and learn more about your dental problem and the treatment options available for you.

Getting Started

If you are ready to see a prosthodontist, simply make an appointment with our dental office by calling or filling out the online Appointment Request Form.  Making an appointment and learning more about your options is the first step to overcoming the embarrassment that you or your loved ones feel about missing or damaged teeth.