Referral Partnerships for Doctors and Dentists

As a seasoned, highly qualified Houston Prosthodontist, Dr. Jonathan Penchas can help solve your patient problems, improve the efficiency and profitability of your practice, and  make your professional life a whole lot easier.  Located in Houston, Dr. Jonathan Penchas will take on your most troublesome, difficult and time-consuming patients so you can concentrate on your core business, making the most of every business day.


As a Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, Dr. Penchas  has received the ultimate education in the field, including an additional fellowship in dental oncology and Maxillofacial Prosthetics after a residency in prosthodontics, giving him extra training in intra and extra oral prosthetics and rehabilitation.



Chances are, even if some of these specialties fall within your skill set and office capabilities, having the time and inclination to deal with most of these complicated issues can quickly become trouble you don’t need. In fact, these types of patients tend to have a greater likelihood of being more costly to you because of the potential of something going wrong, or even posing subsequent legal risk to your practice.

Your office may also lack the special tools and techniques required to efficiently treat these complex cases, and it’s certainly not worth your investment for these infrequent patients. Of course, treatment without the proper equipment can become a serious liability to you. Ironically, about 90% of these special problems arise from less then 10% of most general practice patients. And of course, as your referral dentist, Dr. Jonathan Penchas will happily return the patient to you for long-term general care and treatment, just like a good partner.


Add it all up and referring your problem patients to Dr. Jonathan Penchas really is a win-win partnership. Whether it’s severe medical problems, be they congenital, traumatic or cancer-related, or simply the replacement of difficult teeth, Dr. Penchas combines the best of medical and cosmetic results for your patients. And, they’ll thank you for it. Just give him a call or an e-mail. We’ll strike up a partnership that will make everyone winners.

A Houston-based dentist, Dr. Jonathan Penchas specializes in:

  •     Fixed and removable replacement of teeth, oral and extra oral structures
  •     Full mouth reconstruction/rehabilitation
  •     Implant retained crowns/partials/dentures
  •     Conventional complete dentures
  •     Maxillofacial Trauma such as accidents and sports injuries
  •     Genetic syndromes/disorders such as cleft lip/palate
  •     Management of Oral or facial cancer Radiation and chemotherapy

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