Full Mouth Rehabilitation Dental Referrals

xc_penchas_ZH1U5400-Email_SizeMany dentists want to  treat patients who need full mouth rehabilitation. They sometimes call it a “smile makeover”.

The allure for full mouth restoration is the high cost, but the prudent general dentist learns (sometimes through trial and error) that this is not a good use of their skills.

Performing a full mouth rehabilitation on a patient is complex, challenging, and lengthy. Rehabilitation is not the same as regular day-to-day general dentistry. This is partly because of the special dental skills and tools needed. But it is also because it needs a whole set of different office procedures and rules.

Most general dentists do not treat difficult root canals, remove wisdom teeth, or provide complex orthodontics. They refer them to a specialist. It provides a better result for the patient, allows the general dentist to concentrate on their successful and profitable core procedures and reduces their legal exposure.

A good rule of thumb is to consider how you would feel if you had to defend yourself in court for a treatment you provided. Would you be proud? Could you defend yourself?

Dr. Jonathan Penchas is not only an expert cosmetic dentist, but is trained in prosthetics and maxillofacial reconstruction.  Give your patients the smile they want and deserve. Partner with Dr. Penchas by referring your patients who have difficult rehabilitation needs.