Treating Ectodermal Dysplasia with Dental Implants

As a prosthodontist and dental implant specialist, Dr. Jonathan Penchas is experienced with treating ectodermal dysplasia (ED) patients by providing partial or full-mouth rehabilitation using dental implants.

Patients with ectodermal dysplasia can present a challenge when it comes to dental treatments as their dental issues can include:

  • Complete or partial hypodontia
  • Loss of vertical dimension of occlusion
  • Protuberant lips
  • Widely spaced conical-shaped teeth
  • Underdeveloped alveolar ridges

This condition is also characterized by absent teeth or teeth that are malformed. Plus,  the teeth that are present are frequently small and pointed.  Some patients will have defective enamel (the outer layer of the teeth).  And in these cases there may be an excessive number of cavities. In all these situations, Dr. Penchas can help by creating fixed or detachable dentures, using dental implants, bar-clip overdentures, and other specialty cosmetic dentistry services to treat the patient’s specific conditions. In fact, several studies have shown that implant supported protheses could restore more than 80 percent of the patient’s biting form.

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