Dental treatment with Radiation and Chemotherapy

Oral complications from radiation to the head and neck or chemotherapy can compromise your patients’ health and quality of life, and affect their ability to complete planned cancer treatment. Houston dentist Dr. Jonathan Penchas is experienced in treating oncology patients and creating pre- and post- oral treatments for dental patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.

Without proper care from an expert dentist, some oncology patients may find oral complications related to their radiation and chemotherapy  cancer treatments so debilitating that they may tolerate only lower doses of their cancer therapy, postpone their scheduled treatments, or discontinue their cancer treatments.

Oral radiation

Some complications during chemotherapy and radiation include:

  • Neurotoxicity: Persistent, deep aching and burning pain that mimics a toothache, but for which no dental or mucosal source can be found.
  • Oral bleeding: Oral bleeding from the decreased platelets and clotting factors associated with the effects of therapy on bone marrow.
  • Radiation caries: Rampant dental decay may begin within 3 months of completing radiation treatment if changes in either the quality or quantity of saliva persist.
  • Trismus/tissue fibrosis: Loss of elasticity of masticatory muscles that restricts normal ability to open the mouth.
  • Osteonecrosis: Blood vessel compromise and necrosis of bone exposed to high-dose radiation therapy; results in decreased ability to heal if traumatized.

Partnering with Dr. Penchas at his Houston dental office, can help provide your patient with the dental therapy they need during this time.  Dr. Penchas can provide the necessary oral care your patient will need before, during, and after cancer treatments.