Looking for a Dental Oncology Specialist in Houston?

Trained in dental Oncology, Houston dentist Dr. Jonathan Penchas can work with your patient to ensure their unique dental and oral health care needs are met before, during and after their cancer therapy.  While undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, your patient may need more than general dental treatments.

As a dental oncology specialist, Dr. Penchas has the tools and the expertise to treat these oncology dental issues and more:

  • Managing the soft tissues of the mouth
  • Treating and prescribing care for oral side effects specific to cancer therapy
  • Preventing and managing mouth sores
  • Treating oral pain and infections
  • Other oral issues specific to cancer therapy, such as musocitis, osteonecrosis, and severe dry mouth.

Partnering with you as your referral dentist in Houston, Dr. Penchas would become a part of your patient’s oncology care team as their dental oncology specialist. He would communicate directly with the medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and other team members to provide optimal comprehensive care before, during, and after cancer treatments.

The expertise needed to work on dental issues and problems of cancer patients is specialized. It goes beyond general dentistry education and practice, which is why many dentists refer their patients to Dr. Penchas.  He’s a well-known dentist practicing in this field and is considered an expert.  He has also added dental oncology training with a certified cancer institute or center.

As your referring dental oncologist, Dr. Penchas’ goal is to prepare your patient for cancer treatment and minimize oral complications or problems throughout cancer care.