Why People say Dr. Penchas Makes the Best Houston Cosmetic Dentures

Dr. Jonathan Penchas is an expert in removable prosthodontics and cosmetic dentures, which is the specialty of dentistry that replaces missing teeth with a removable prosthesis.

He can provide your patients with the following:

  • Removable partial dentures, also referred to as a partial, replaces one or more teeth in the same arch.
  • Removable complete or full dentures, also referred to as a denture, replaces all of the teeth in one arch.
  • Obturators
  • Facial prosthesis

Most dentists realize how difficult it is to find high quality dentures in Houston, Texas. It also takes time and care to make quality dentures – making it challenging for a dentist without the right tools and setup to get the result. Dr. Penchas is also trained in creating both quality plastic and porcelain cosmetic dentures.  He can help you advise your patient on which choice is reight for them.  Many dental professionals once opted for the long wearing porcelain fixtures. But that’s not always the case today.  There have many advancements in the world of plastics, and there are now dental-safe plastics with the durability of porcelain. They can look just as good as real teeth.

Dr. Penchas specializes in dentures and removable prosthesis and has worked with referring dentists across the United States. His most important goal is to have the best outcome for the patient and a happy referring doctor.